Work Experience placements offered to local school

01 08 2022

We recently welcomed Jack from West Coventry Academy for his work experience with Music Smart, the first work experience placement we’ve offered at Pack Smart Group.


Karl from Music Smart division who mentored Jack said “…it was an eye opener for sure and an enjoyable experience to teach the younger generation what work is really like. I enjoyed showing Jack how we operate here and our values.”

PackSmart work experience

Jack enjoyed his time at Music Smart saying “…I have really enjoyed my time here. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly towards me. I learnt many things during my stay here such as, Processing, Picking, Returns and Packing. I was very pleased with my experience here … I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to see what it is like in a warehouse environment.”


It was a great experience for us both and we’re keen to give more students a taste of the fulfilment industry and have already agreed to offer placements to West Coventry Academy for next year.


We wish Jack the very best for his future.