We need to talk about Brexit

09 09 2020

What Brexit means to our customers

As if this year has not thrown enough at us we know that Brexit is looming with a deadline of 31st December.

If the UK ends up with a no deal Brexit then there will be implications regarding shipments into the EU which we did not previously need to worry about.

The biggest change will be around customs declarations and the requirement for commodity or HS codes. What is a commodity code we hear you ask…..

For all UK imports and exports Commodity or HS codes are used to ensure the correct declaration of goods. There is a central database across the EU which recognises these codes. Therefore when you provide us with details of new products we will also be asking you to confirm the correct commodity code.

It is crucial that we provide the correct commodity code and value of goods when shipping items as this in turn ensures the correct tax and duties are paid. Should your products be subject to inspection by customs control teams in the country of import, goods that are incorrectly declared or have incomplete documentation can be seized, delayed, or even destroyed.

Where can I find the commodity code?

To find the relevant commodity code relating to your item please visit this provides a helpful step by step guide to identify your items.

If you are still struggling to find the most accurate code then please contact us for more assistance.