Subscription box fulfilment

20 10 2021

Case study – Floe Oral Care subscription box

Eco-friendly oral care company Floe partners with UK fulfilment centre The Pack Smart Group.

Floe oral care was created by founders Will and Javier after a trip to South Africa in early 2019.  Will & Javier’s aim was to bring innovation to the dental industry after realising the opportunity to disrupt this market.  Along with developing innovative oral care products, they also knew that there was opportunity to make a significant and positive environmental impact through their eco-friendly subscription service.

Guided by dental experts, Floe’s mission is to re-calibrate dental care from a reactive to a preventative approach, whilst at the same time reducing the environmental toll that the industry exerts.

Floe’s main aim was to build a comprehensive, digitally led subscription service that empowers patients with technology, products, and data to improve oral and systemic health.

In search of a UK fulfilment company to provide subscription box fulfilment, Will and Javier contacted PackSmart.  They were looking for a fulfilment centre that had experience in ecommerce fulfilment and order processing, as well as a subscription service solution.

Subscription box fulfilment service from The Pack Smart Group

With the product range already designed and the subscription model concept agreed, Floe were struggling with the time and lack of people to manage the orders and delivery.  Floe wanted to partner with a UK fulfilment centre that was able to manage the stock and the daily shipping of orders.  Leaving them to concentrate on growing their business.

Floe had the brand and they had the product, but they needed a warehouse and dedicated staff to manage the orders.  With the subscription model defined, Floe was looking for an experienced ecommerce fulfilment partner who could guide them on how to setup and manage their subscription service.

After being approached by Floe, we spent time getting to know their business, understanding their objectives, and listening to their requirements.  Once we knew what they were looking for and what they wanted to achieve, we then worked with them to create a bespoke fulfilment solution which worked for them and their business model.

Once the solution was agreed, we got to work on the planning and developing of the fulfilment process, which included the system integration.  We produced bespoke packaging guidelines to ensure the PackSmart team knew the specific process ready for when the stock and packaging were delivered.

To ensure we had achieved the right packaging solution for Floe, we sent test packs out, this enabled us to see how the items faired in transit.  Once this process was complete and Floe were happy with the result, they were ready to launch.

With the successful preparation complete, the PackSmart team were able to pre-build stock of the subscription sets, which helped us to fulfil the orders quickly and efficiently, getting them out to Floe’s customers in good time and arriving in perfect condition.

Why use our subscription box fulfilment service?

Using a fulfilment centre to manage their stock and orders gave Floe more time to focus on developing their oral care brand and growing the business.

We helped Floe save time and money on the need to manage their own warehouse, order volumes and staff overheads.  For such a young business this was essential to help them concentrate on growing a sustainable subscription service.

We were also able to help Floe in finding the right shipping supplier, through our extensive network of shipping companies.  This gave Floe the peace of mind that their products would arrive with their customers in perfect condition, whilst also being able to pass the postage cost savings back to the customers.

With our warehouses being utilised for the storing of products, we also helped Floe to save on the cost of warehouse space needed to store their bulk packaging and stock.

Following the successful launch of their core subscription box last year, Floe continues to go from strength to strength and are bringing out an electric brush next year, along with a health tracking system that is based on using salivary biomarkers.    We are proud to have been working with Floe and shipping their orders since 2020 and we will continue to work closely to ensure we can meet their expectations as the business expands.

Feedback from Floe

“Packsmart have been a crucial partner for us in the first 12 months and provided a robust fulfilment solution to our subscription-based model. The tech is simple to integrate from an e-commerce perspective and the customer service is both reliable and prompt. They have also been accommodating regarding our returns process and enabling us to store used stock on site in advance of it being recycled. The challenge for any young business is finding partners who are financially viable but also take care of their smaller customers. Packsmart take a thoughtful, long-term approach and I would recommend them for anyone launching an e-commerce business.” 

Other examples of subscription-based products we fulfil

As we operate from our licenced UK fulfilment centre, we can ship both alcoholic and soft drink subscriptions. We are working with several businesses in this area already.

The PackSmart way

Our goal is to find a solution for your pain points, we listen carefully to your requirements and ensure that we can deliver a service which meets your criteria. We operate as an extension of your business enabling you to scale as you grow.

At Pack Smart we specialise in working closely with new clients to fully understand their end goal and design a solution to suit their business needs.

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