Pick, Pack and Post With Pack Smart Group

05 02 2024

At The Pack Smart Group, we understand the importance of care and consistency when it comes to meeting your customer’s orders. Our comprehensive pick, pack, and post services are designed to streamline your supply chain process and ensure that your products reach your customers promptly and in perfect condition. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process that our clients’ products go through when utilising our services.

Pick, Pack, and Post with Pack Smart Group

Receiving and Checking Goods

The journey of your products with The Pack Smart Group begins when they arrive at our state-of-the-art warehouse facility. Here, our first priority is to ensure the accuracy of your inventory. It is critical that our client s advise us in advance of any delivery so that the Goods In process is swift and efficient. Our experienced team checks every incoming shipment carefully verifying that the goods match the pre advised documentation. This initial inspection is essential to maintaining accurate inventory records and preventing discrepancies further down the line.

Once the goods have been verified there are two steps, if the stock is replenishment then the items are put away in their allocated pick location. If the products are new then our team will allocate them a new pick location which is also recorded on our warehouse management system. The team will then complete the booking in process and you will receive an email confirming receipt of your goods together with a note of any discrepancies. As soon as the stock has been booked in it becomes available for picking.

Picking and Preparing Orders

When we receive your orders via our integration into your ecommerce platform, it’s all systems go at The Pack Smart Group. Our dedicated picking team is well-versed in the art of efficiency, and they’re ready to swing into action. Using the locations provided for each item they make their way around the warehouse collecting the items for each order. Our emphasis on precision and accuracy at this stage ensures that your customers receive precisely what they’ve ordered. We understand that even the slightest mistake in the picking process can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Our team is committed to getting it right every time and whilst we do appreciate mistakes can happen we work with our team to mitigate these errors.

Once the picking process is complete the team brings the items to the packers for the next stage in the journey.

Professional Packing

When it comes to ensuring that your products arrive at their destination safely and in impeccable condition, packaging takes centre stage. At The Pack Smart Group, we understand the vital role that packaging plays in the delivery process. Each customer order is carefully packed to ensure that your products are protected for their onward journey.

We take the time to select and utilise protective packaging materials that are best suited for your specific products. Whether it’s recyclable void fill, protective pulp moulds or custom-sized boxes, our goal is to shield your items from any potential damage during transit. If your products require specialised packaging due to their size, fragility, or unique characteristics, we can discuss bespoke packaging solutions tailored to meet these specific needs. Our commitment is not only to the safety of your products but also to the professional presentation that reflects positively on your brand. When your customers receive their orders via The Pack Smart Group, they’ll be greeted with a package that not only safeguards their purchase but also leaves a lasting impression of quality and care.

We understand that the journey of a product doesn’t end when it leaves our warehouse; it continues until it reaches your customers’ hands. By paying attention when packaging each order, we trust   that your products arrive unscathed and make a positive impression.

Generating Postage Labels

Once your customers’ orders are expertly packed and ready to embark on their journey to their final destination, the next step is generating postage labels. At The Pack Smart Group, we understand that precise and error-free labelling is paramount to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your products.

Our team generates postage labels that include all the necessary information required for a successful delivery. We understand that a clearly labelled package is the first step in a smooth and hassle-free posting process, which is another stage in our reliable service.

Mail Sortation

The final stage is to ensure that the items are sorted for collection by the correct carrier.

Once the sorting is complete, your goods are fully prepared for collection directly from our warehouse. Prompt postage is important and that’s why we work closely with trusted postal partners to facilitate the swift and secure dispatch of your products. Our collaborative approach ensures that your items are in the hands of reliable carriers who are committed to delivering your products to their destination in a timely and efficient manner.

In essence, phase represents the culmination of our commitment to accuracy and efficiency. By carefully preparing your products for collection and partnering with trusted carriers, we ensure that your goods leave our care smoothly and reach your customers without unnecessary delays. At The Pack Smart Group, our approach guarantees a reliable and hassle-free postal experience for you and your customers.

Pick, Pack and Post with Pack Smart Group

Our pick, pack, and post services are designed to simplify your supply chain operations and enhance the overall customer experience. From the moment your products arrive at our warehouse to the final delivery to your customers’ doorsteps, our efficient processes ensure a seamless journey.

By entrusting your order needs to The Pack Smart Group, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn how our services can benefit your company and elevate your customer .