Evolving with the Industry

Our Story

Nick Walker and Seánna Holland both came from a background in ecommerce fulfilment. The aftermath of the economic downturn in 2008 revealed the enormous potential and opened up new opportunities within the UK fulfilment industry.

The Journey Begins

With their knowledge, enthusiasm and determination, Nick and Seánna saw the potential in providing fulfilment services for small to medium businesses.

The fulfilment company, The PackSmart Group, was born.

Since 2009 their passion to succeed and provide a Pick and Pack solution for a range or businesses has taken them from strength to strength.

Working with a wide variety of clients, across multiple sectors, The Pack Smart Group give many businesses a platform for growth. Through partnering with a fulfilment centre, businesses can reduce their overheads and save time, allowing them to focus on their brand and growing their business.

Since 2009

The PackSmart

Our story started in 2009 and we continue to grow our business.
We are proud to be supporting more of our clients as they service their own customers.
PackSmart gives clients the opportunity to grow their businesses by managing their product fulfilment and the storage and management of stock.

15 Years Since Conception


The PackSmart journey begins, a serviced office, lock up and one client...


PackSmart outgrows the office and searches for their first 2,500 sqft. warehouse, initially only occupying a very small corner. Within 18 months a mezzanine is constructed, adding 1,200 sqft. of storage. As clients grow the start of a real business takes shape with revenues of £340k by the year ending March 2013.


As the company develops their client relationships, and gathers momentum, recognition and reputation; PackSmart outgrows their 3,700 sqft. and in July 2015 moves into a new 12,500 sqft. space. Revenues at the year end of March 2015 are at £750k.


PackSmart sees rapid growth, volumes of orders, sales and clients go up. The increase in sales and complexity meant 2,500 sqft. being added. This filled almost instantly in July 2017 due to additional client volumes leading to £990k revenues by the year ending March 2018.


Restructuring of business, following March 2020 year end revenue of £1.7M new 5 Year Plan with ambitious growth targets and a new, second site going live September 2020 giving a total of 32,000 sqft. of capacity and targets of £2.6M for the year.


New structure with industry verticals, interesting and challenging times during the pandemic, the opening of a third site adding 27,000 sq ft of capacity and year ending March 2023 revenue of £3.5M.