myPackSmart – The latest cloud-based technology for PackSmart customers is here

07 03 2023

The Pack Smart Groups’ ethos has always been built on integrity and honesty. As part of their transparency, the Pack Smart Group wanted to share real-time information with their clients – a way of clients having a window into operations. Seeking the latest cloud-based technology, the business developed its own solution to make this a reality. myPackSmart, launched in 2019, brings real-time visibility of orders, inventory, delivery advice and returns. It has grown to be such an invaluable tool for clients enabling them to respond faster to their customers’ queries having the latest order, tracking and inventory levels at their fingertips.

myPackSmart provides clients the ability to amend, cancel and resend orders, create manual orders, pre-advise stock delivery and much more in a continually evolving system.

The Pack Smart Group understand the end consumers’ demand for answers to queries at any time of the day or night and with myPackSmart clients are able to answer the vast majority of queries at the click of a mouse!

The Pack Smart Group are always listening to feedback and requests for new features and so the client platform has recently got a brand new look and feel, incorporating the latest technology updates and new features including the ability to access multiple accounts from a single log-in, ability to select a default warehouse for those clients with stock in multiple locations and improved inflight options for amending and cancelling orders.

The new platform affords faster deployment of new features and options so improvements and upgrades will be more frequent and have less impact on the system. The platform is continually monitored and hosted securely in the cloud through reputable partners.

Nick Walker, Director said…

“It’s a really exciting time for myPackSmart – Version 14 brings so many more features to benefit our clients and, additionally, forms a new technological foundation enabling the agile deployment of new features and enhancements. There are a number of releases in 2023 that will make myPackSmart a very powerful tool in the ecommerce fulfilment world.”

One user said…

“The myPackSmart portal is a crucial tool in our armoury to comprehensively respond to our customers’ queries accurately and quickly. It has reduced our customer service costs significantly through real-time access to information.

Internally we are able to better manage our business reviewing the status of all our orders, returns and inventory levels at any time of the day or night – it’s just like having Pack Smart here in our office and part of our business.“

There are so many benefits available to clients when joining The Pack Smart Group for their outsourced fulfilment operations and myPackSmart is one of those great features to have available.