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MusicSmart is all about getting your music and merchandise to your fans, we will work closely with you to bring music to their ears.

We offer solutions to manage your pre-order releases, online stores, and a range of added-value services.


Empowered by Music

Direct to your fans

MusicSmart is your dedicated partner, serving the vibrant music industry with the perfect solution.

If you’re an independent artist, a renowned band, label or management company we understand that your music is not just a product; it’s your art, your passion.

We want your time to be spent on producing the music and our focus is on delivering to your fans worldwide.

Pre-Order Releases

Managing your release

We are well versed in managing Pre-Order releases and can work with you on your project to ensure that the item reaches your fans on the day of release.

Our systems are able to hold back your orders until the stock arrives ready for shipping and our team will then fulfil the orders in line with the release date.

There is no minimum order volume for this service, we are happy to help artists of all sizes, contact us to find out more.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Music Without Borders

Your music knows no boundaries, and neither should its reach. From our UK Fulfilment Centre, we expertly pick, pack, and post your music to every corner of the world. Whether your fans are down the street or on the other side of the globe, we ensure that your music finds its way to their ears.

Personalised, Signed Items

Personalisation & Signing

Unique Connections

For artists who want to create unforgettable connections with their fans, MusicSmart offers personalised and signed items. These unique offerings provide an exclusive touch, making every fan feel like a cherished part of your music journey.

Limited Edition

Numbering Limited Editions

Collectors' Treasures

Create collectors’ treasures with limited-edition releases. MusicSmart helps you manage and number your limited editions, adding value to your fans’ collections and creating excitement around your music.

Shop Integrations

Shop Integrations

Seamless Operations

We make order fulfillment smoother with direct integrations into your existing store platforms, including Shopify, Woo Commerce, eBay, Amazon, and Bandcamp. If you prefer, we can also accept data via CSV/Excel files, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.

Artist Lounge

Connecting with Your Audience

The Artist Lounge is a space for artists to connect with their audience in unique ways. We are happy to accommodate band signings, live streaming sessions, or exclusive fan experiences, this is where you bring your music to life and forge deeper connections with your fans.

Chart Releases

Chart Reporting (UK, IE, FR)

At MusicSmart, we recognise that your chart position is a testament to your success and influence. We proudly offer Chart Reporting services, registered with the Official Charts Company (OCC), ensuring that your music receives the recognition it deserves.

We provide Chart Reporting for the United Kingdom, France, and the Republic of Ireland, amplifying your presence on the music charts.

Online store

Your Online Stage

In the digital age, your online store is the epicenter of your fan engagement. MusicSmart supports artists, bands, and labels by delivering a seamless online store experience.

Whether you’re selling albums, merchandise, or limited-edition releases, our solutions ensure that your online stage reflects your brand and engages your fans effectively.

Customer Service

Our commitment to excellence has earned the trust and praise of our clients

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We are always thrilled to welcome bands for signing, as we're committed to building connections and celebrating your music journey.