Lumpy Mail – Direct Marketing Fulfilment

16 02 2022

Lumpy Mail

Receiving a package that you are not expecting is an exciting experience, especially if it’s a lumpy package!  You give it a squeeze or a shake to try and work out what is in there before you rush to open it to see what’s inside.  It could be a branded product, or something sweet to eat, or perhaps a sample of a new product from your favourite brand.  Whatever is in there, it’s a nice surprise and you won’t forget the good feeling about the brand or company that has sent the gift to you.


Lumpy mail is a proven way of getting your message or product out to your target audience – it’s unforgettable.  A successful lumpy mail campaign can help to raise the profile of your brand, increase sales, or encourage brand loyalty.  Whatever the purpose it, lumpy mail is an effective use of direct marketing.

Lumpy mail

What is Lumpy Mail?

Lumpy mail is a type of direct mail which can be done as part of a wider marketing campaign.  The nature of lumpy mail is as it is described, it’s not your usual flat leaflet, postcard, or flyer, it has lumps!  You can feel it, it doesn’t get lost with all your other post and it’s more exciting receiving something like that in the post over your usual direct mail.


Lumpy Mail Campaign

Why use lumpy mail as part of a marketing campaign?


Lumpy mail can help to improve your direct mail marketing efforts as they generally get a better response rate than your more traditional direct mail.  Recipients are made to feel like they are getting something exciting, and it’s free and direct to them.  What’s more, because it’s targeted and it’s a parcel as opposed to a letter or flyer, recipients are most likely to open it, keep it and remember who it’s from.


Whatever you chose to use in your mailer will of course depend on your budget and the objectives of your campaign.  You also want to make it useful, or something that the recipients will use, eat, or share, this helps to make your campaign memorable and therefore encouraging that call to action and brand awareness.


Using lumpy mail as a channel to market, must be thought about carefully as its costs are generally higher to produce and send.  It is essential for this type of marketing to deliver results.  Using a fulfilment house to manage the storing, picking, packaging, and posting of your lumpy items can help to manage the costs of this proven marketing strategy.


Pack Smart Group Lumpy Mail Fulfilment


Creating a Lumpy Mail campaign, getting the products ready and packaging them up can take time and essential resource.  No matter how many individual packages you are sending, getting some help with the packaging, and posting of the products from a fulfilment house will help you to manage costs and save on resources and time.  You have invested in the products you are giving away, cost savings that can be made in sending these products out can help that bottom line.


Here at Pack Smart, we have experience in delivering lumpy campaigns for our customers.  We take the product, store it until you are ready and once you are ready to send, we will work with you on your mailing list, picking the products and packaging them up, ready to go out to your target list.


The cost of posting items that are not standard flat items can be expensive.  We can get you the best price on the postage costs due to our range of suppliers that we work with on a regular basis.  We can also help to manage any returns that may come back in, for example if the person you are sending to no longer is at that address.  More importantly, we can track all the products that go out and provide you with postage and tracking details for each of your parcels.


With all that taken care of, you can focus your saved resource on dealing with the influx of enquiries, sales, and engagement that this kind of marketing activity can bring.

Lumpy Mail Ideas

We have introduced you to Lumpy Mail, given you an idea on how a fulfilment house can help you deliver on this, but how about some tips on what makes a successful and impactful lumpy marketing campaign?

·         Size matters

If you are considering the cost of this kind of campaign, make sure you think of the size and shape of the product you are sending.  The larger the package the higher the cost for sending.  It doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact and small packages can still offer that lumpy surprise, but it does have to be different.

Consider the shape of the product you are sending; can it easily be packaged up?  Does it need any padding or protection?  Can the product be placed into a standard size package or box?  All of this can have an impact and need to be thought though carefully – we can help with this.

·         Consider the impact of what you are sending

If your main objective is brand awareness, then branded merchandise is a great way of getting your brand out there to target customers.  Many promotional products travel well as they can be lightweight and easily packaged up.  Branded merchandise is a great way of creating brand awareness and using branded merchandise to create calls to action, such as visiting a website, incorporating a QR code, or simply a way of enabling customers to get in touch, can be effective.

One of the most popular types of lumpy mail are sample products.  Whether you are sending a sample of a new product to existing customers, or you are targeting new customers with existing products, these lumpy packages are popular and guaranteed to drive up your engagement, whether that is full price purchasing or signing up to a mailshot.

Next time you or someone in your marketing team are considering a lumpy direct mail campaign, don’t let your ideas be quashed by the thought of all the parcels you will have to assemble and the cost of distribution, instead so we discuss what options are available to in within your budget.