Let’s talk sports

09 09 2020

As a business The Pack Smart Group has provided fulfilment services for a range of sectors since their creation in 2009. The sports industry has always been a part of what we do.

From our early days assisting with membership services for London Irish Rugby club through to today where we offer a fully outsourced solution for a number of sports brands including the iconic Tikiboo 

Tikiboo were established in 2014 and launched their website in 2015 where the Husband and Wife team of Faye and Daniel Jobbins managed the pick and pack of all the daily orders from home, they made the decision to outsource the fulfilment of their orders in 2016 and we have been working with them ever since.

Overseeing the challenges of a rapidly growing brand has kept us on our toes factoring in the space requirements, managing the large deliveries of new product ranges and ensuring they are ready for shipping on launch date coupled with the seasonal spikes for new ranges or the big bank holiday sales the company has become known for it has been a learning curve for us all. Our team work closely with Tikiboo to provide an extension to their business offering them the shipping solution without the overheads of their own warehouse.

In 2020 we formally launched SportsSmart we have a number of key clients in the sports sector covering, sportwear, equipment, spare parts amongst other products it is an area we will be developing further in 2021 so if you are looking to take the next step in the growth of your brand and business and want to find a suitable partner who understands this ever expanding market place then look no further than SportsSmart

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