Case Study

Taking the decision to outsource your business is a big step, when you have managed the process every step of the way it is difficult to let go and allow someone else control.

At Pack Smart we specialise in working with small clients ready to take that next step.

The Problem:

We received an introduction to The Little Gin Company in the Drinks Industry during lock down. They had adapted their business to cope during this difficult time and developed the concept of a ‘Virtual Tasting Kit’. To their delight the sales of this kit increased ensuring the business gained additional sales and followers. The downside was that the team were spending so much time shipping the orders that they had no time to focus on the business and plan for growth.

  • Order volumes increased = no time to focus on business
  • Meeting shipping deadlines = everything else is on hold
  • Not usual business model = Having to adapt to manage

A telephone call was arranged, we understood that they needed a solution for bottling, label application and kitting as well as shipping the completed set. Having already developed a similar solution for another client this was straightforward for us, we already had a team in place who were used to bottling and labeling so adding to this mix would not be difficult.

Pack Smart Solution:

A bespoke proposal was prepared covering all elements of their requirements and ensuring the costs were clear and easy to understand. A follow up Zoom call was then arranged to discuss further and ensure that any additional questions were answered. It was agreed that the initial delivery of stock would be hand delivered by the business owners so they could show us how they were currently handling and packing each item.

The client arrived with us and spent time walking through each requirement with our Team Leader and 2 of the Team. We discussed developing further packaging solutions in the future and ensured that the team were confident in the clients expectations. By the end of play that day the team had already made their first batch of kits ready for shipping.

The Benefits:

  • We can free up your time so you can focus on your business
  • There is no need to worry about staffing or overheads to manage seasonal peaks
  • More time spent on the things you enjoy
  • We manage enquiries with carriers to resolve any delivery issues
  • We can offer more competitive carrier rates

In Summary

Pack Smart pride ourselves in our attention to detail and therefore understanding the clients requirements and working with them to provide a solution is key. We understand how big a decision it is to outsource something which has always been handled in house and we aim to manage all expectations and questions to ensure that a seamless transition happens for the client. Our goal is to give you the gift of time so you can do more of the work you love while we ensure your orders are dispatched in a timely manner.


We (The Little Gin Company) have recently started working with Pack Smart and have been really impressed with the team and service we have received. It has been a super efficient process from first introduction through to delivery. They got up to speed in no time at all on our requirements and were delivering orders within a matter of days – it has made a hugely positive impact to our business and really are really pleased to be working with them. We would highly recommend.