Floe Oral Care Case Study

After a trip to South Africa in early 2019, Will & Javier decided that the dental industry was ripe for disruption; both in terms of innovation and the significant impact that oral care waste was having on the environment.

Floe are on a mission to re-calibrate dental care from a reactive to a preventative approach, whilst reducing the environmental toll that the industry exerts. Floe are seeking to build a comprehensive, digitally led subscription that empowers patients with technology, products, and data in order to improve oral and systemic health. Having launched their core subscription box last year they are bringing out an electric brush and health tracking via salivary biomarkers next year. The business is based in the UK.

Will and Javier made contact with Pack Smart in 2019 knowing they had the sound idea to introduce a subscription product to the marketplace and wanted a fulfilment partner to manage the process

At Pack Smart we specialise in working closely with new clients to fully understand their end goal and design a solution to suit them

The Problem:

Floe Oral Care had already designed the product range and had the subscription model concept what they didn’t have was the time or the people to manage the daily shipping of orders

  • Brand and Product = no warehouse or staff to manage the orders
  • Subscription model idea = How to put this into practise

Pack Smart Solution:

We spent time listening to the requirements and providing costs, ideas and solutions. A bespoke solution was reached ensuring that all the requirements were covered, following several months further planning and development followed by the system integration, packaging guides were provided to ensure our team knew the specific process. Stock and packaging were delivered, we then sent test packs through to our clients to ensure that we had the right packaging solution and to see how the items faired in transit this led to a few more tweaks and finally Floe were ready to launch.  Our team were able to prebuild stock of the subscription sets and we were then able to process orders as soon as they came through.

The Benefits:

  • More time to focus on the brand and growth
  • No need for a warehouse and staff to manage the order volumes
  • Wide range of shipping services at your fingertips
  • Space to store bulk packaging and stock

In Summary

Our goal is to find a solution for your pain points, we listen carefully to your requirements and ensure that we can deliver a service which meets these criteria. We operate as an extension of your business enabling you to scale as you grow. We have been working with Floe and shipping their orders since 2020, they have implemented some new products and we will continue to work closely to ensure we can meet their expectations as the business expands.


“Packsmart have been a crucial partner for us in the first 12 months and provided a robust fulfilment solution to our subscription-based model. The tech is simple to integrate from an e-commerce perspective and the customer service is both reliable and prompt. They have also been accommodating regarding our returns process and enabling us to store used stock on site in advance of it being recycled. The challenge for any young business is finding partners who are financially viable but also take care of their smaller customers. Packsmart take a thoughtful, long-term approach and I would recommend them for anyone launching an e-commerce business.”