Case Study

In 2016 we received an enquiry from a Husband and Wife team who had launched their own sportswear brand in 2015, Tikiboo, the demand had surprised the couple and the need to outsource became a swift reality.

The Problem:

The business was growing quickly and the owners were initially picking and packing all orders in their living room, juggling the Tikiboo business alongside their day jobs.

“We were doing everything in-house: all photography (Daniel took photos and Faye modelled), packing, physically taking sacks of parcels to post office, creating marketing campaigns, writing product descriptions, social media posts, SEO, customer service, managing returns…literally everything between the 2 of us! There were weeks when 3 hours sleep a night became normality. We were like Tikiboo robots.”

Tikiboo quickly reached the decision that the business was becoming bigger than 2 people could handle and started to look for a warehouse to outsource to.

Sports Smart Solution:

We provided a bespoke proposal and were able to integrate directly with their existing webstore to ensure orders downloaded automatically. Processed order information would also be passed back via an API meaning that the client would have less interaction with the orders daily.

Over the last 5 years we have worked alongside this client as an extension to their business providing a delivery solution for their customer orders. The business has gone from strength to strength with peak weekend sales (Black Friday) topping in excess of 6000 orders in 2020.

In Summary

We have worked closely with Tikiboo to help them grow during this time, manage regular new product ranges and spikes in orders as new products are released. Seasonal peaks in sales during promotional activities and operating as a ‘white label’ service simply running in the background alongside their business. Our client service team works closely with their team to resolve any issues and keep customers happy.

Our aim is to ensure Tikiboo can focus on the growth and development of their brand while we focus on processing their orders.